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Tim Ryan

After 40 years in corporate America, I have chosen to pursue a career as a daily money manager after experiencing first hand the challenges that families face when dealing with day-to-day financial obligations. Prior to this career shift, I managed multi-million dollar budgets for global companies. 


My wife and I have lived in the same home in Clear Lake for nearly 30 years where we raised our two daughters. When our youngest daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, moved to a nearby apartment in 2011 it became clear that she would need support keeping up with her finances. Additionally, my wife and her sister became the primary caregivers for my mother-in-law in 2010 as she battled Alzheimer's Disease. I witnessed the pain and stress that money management was taking and quickly stepped in to assist with the financial responsibilities. It has become my passion to help others that find themselves in similar stages of life.

I hold an executive MBA from the University of Indianapolis and a bachelor of Business Administration from Saint Bonaventure University. 

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