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  • Tim Ryan

Financial Stress is a Health Threat

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

According to an American Psychological Association survey from 2015, 72% of Americans are stressed out monthly about money, This stress affects all adult age groups and income levels. As one might expect, lower income classes have a higher degree of financial stress.

Financial stress is a health issue for many Americans. Almost 20 percent of respondents to the survey skipped or considered skipping a doctors appointment due to financial concerns. Money is also a major cause of relationship strife, with more than 30% reporting this.

To deal with these stresses, consider speaking to a close friend or family member. Having emotional support can help in reducing financial stress. It also helps to have a monthly budget. Seeing where money is spent can lead to changes in spending decisions. This can lead to feeling more in control of your finances and reduce the overall stress,