• Tim Ryan

Time for a New Challenge

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Let me start with the most basic question. Why am I doing this: pursuing a new career, setting up a web site, and writing a blog? I have been mulling this for years. It all started with family dynamics, which I will detail in a future post.

I have always enjoyed working with numbers and I see a need to help others with their personal finances. Some people need physical assistance with organizing and paying bills. Others need help with budgeting and managing money. I know I can help these people.

I didn't know where to start. I would discuss with friend and they thought my idea was sound. But no one knew how to develop a plan. While doing research six months ago, I came upon an article about Daily Money Managers. I knew immediately, this was my passion and new goal in life!

Since then, I have been building the foundation for a new business. It is now coming together and I am off to the races!

In this blog, I will discuss personal finances. I may veer off topic occasionally, but that won't happen often. In my posts, I hope you will find suggestions to implement into your daily life. I hope you enjoy.

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